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I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering at FH Münster in Germany, where my academic journey has delved into diverse realms such as solid-state physics, chemistry, polymers, microscopy, surface science, and specialized materials like biomedical ceramics. My expertise extends to nanotechnology, sensors, and project management. My educational foundation includes a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the World University of Bangladesh, where I focused on electrical circuits, electronics, engineering materials, power system analysis, communication, and electrical machines. My research project explored the implementation of a Solar and Biogas-based Hybrid Mini Grid Power System for Off-Grid Regions, particularly in the context of Bangladesh.

Beyond academia, I am passionate about activism, dedicating my time as a volunteer worker and online writer to champion equity based on merit and uphold human rights. My interests also extend to history, international relations, religion, and economics, enriching my perspective and contributing to a holistic understanding of the world. Join me on this journey of exploration, learning, and advocacy.

In addition to my academic and activist pursuits, I am an avid traveler with a deep passion for exploring diverse cultures and landscapes around the globe. Traveling has been an integral part of my life, allowing me to witness the beauty of different regions, immerse myself in local traditions, and broaden my worldview.

These journeys not only provide a break from the academic rigors but also serve as a source of personal growth and enlightenment. Through my travels, I aim to foster a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of our global community and the importance of cultural exchange in building bridges of understanding and culture.

Paris Photo
This photo is captured infront of Eiffel Tower in March 2022